Are There Facepalm, Bacon and Avocado Emojis On The Way?

Rumor has it that the Unicode Consortium (yes, that’s a thing) has approved the release of 72 new emojis. If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that there can never be too many emojis. Although, every time a new group is released, there always seems to be some collective disappointment. Someone or something is always missing. And while it doesn’t appear that there is a Hillary or Trump emoji, there is a Liar Nose emoji, so…..Oh, and I’m sure I don’t even need to tell you how I feel about a clown emoji. Just no. As far as when we could see them on our phones, don’t hold your breath. It could take some time before the new crew is implemented. In the meantime, the peeps over at Emojipedia have created a mockup version, speculating what the new additions might look like, here. If they keep adding to this, someday we’ll be able to communicate entirely in emojis. Sort of like the cave drawings back in 3300 BC. Check out Emojipedia’s video of the mockups below…

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